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Now We’d Be Introducing Santram Rajput, Our Technical Savior of the Employee Army.


Santram Rajput


A usual workday in his life is occupied with materials like cement, steel, automotive which you’ll see him testing while hard at work. An avid reader, he keeps learning new methods and techniques to grow more and more.

His journey with Sigma has been a long one and has contributed to the diversification of the company. Santram Rajput said that he loves the work environment here. He gets a lot of chances to learn whatever he wishes to.

On a regular vacation, you’ll see Santram Rajput in his hometown spending quality time with his family. He loves the fresh air and calmness of life there and says it’s a good time off.  Sundays in his life look like a day with his kids.

One of the fondest memories that Santram Rajput shared with us was the yoga classes at Sigma. He said they’ve added so much value to all of us.

We asked him about what motivates him to work and he said, “I enjoy learning new things, it makes work exciting. I would like to mention that Rahul sir is very supportive and gives a lot of learning freedom which helps a lot.”

On being asked about his work ethics, he said, “I believe professionalism is very important in the workplace. That helps in driving growth, but personally and professionally.”

Santram expressed his views on the lack of education in India which he thinks is a very major issue concerning society. He said, “We have a huge population which is ever-growing which is one of the reasons for the underdevelopment of the education system of India.”

He has studied from a boarding school and continued experiencing hostel life till his masters. One thing he wanted to mention about Sigma was that it has been great seeing Sigma expand and loves his work here.

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