How to test paint quality and why paint testing is required?



How to test paint quality and why paint testing is required?


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Paint Testing – Paint is a solution mixture of pigments, solvents, resins, and additives. The pigment is the color, the solvent is the carrier that makes it liquid and when the paint dries it evaporates, the resin is a binder or glue and additives give specific performance characteristics.

Coating Testing – Coating is the thin layer of covering on a substance or product, applied or deposited on a surface of any product, majorly to improve its properties and to create a protective barrier against corrosion and deterioration of its surface.

Within the various industry such as the Infrastructure and building industry, the automobile industry, and many more, ‘Paint’ is usually industrial two-pack paint whereas, ‘Coatings’ is a word used to define the products on which layer of paint, polymers, or metallic coatings are applied to provide protection.

To verify and check the characteristic and functioning parameters of coatings and the paint testing concentrating on properties needed in them, some mechanical and physical tests may be managed in order to acquire specific data and information like the thickness of coating and verification of treatments it’s sustained.

There are many markets for paint testing and coatings, line up from home builders to manufacturers. In many other cases, consumers have specifications for reasons ranging from aesthetics to safety. The industry for paints and coatings applies an expansive range of tools, methods, and techniques to test quality control.


Coatings are used to protect fabricated steelworks such as offshore rigs, bridges, and other structures from rusting and to ensure that they as long as the products are exposed to all sorts of harsh environmental conditions. To ensure the performance of coatings, the coatings undergo testing. Physical testing such as scratch and impact tests can be done.

Paint testing is required to protect all sorts of structures from the harsh effects of the sun and water.

  • Super Aesthetics, increases the beauty and impact.
  • Enhanced Protection, nature can be drastic sometimes like sun, rain, fire, wind, and snow can drastically damage your home.
  • Increase Lifespan, The quality coat help to enhance the long shelf life of the home or any product.

Coating testing is required as

  • They provide safety by making the surface of the product nonslip or non-stick.
  • They prevent corrosion as rusting and other corrosive debris of machinery are likely to happen over time.
  • They provide protection by maintaining the sheen, hardness, and other properties for a longer time.

Viscosity, in the industry of paints, is an important method to measure its thickness, which is crucial as viscosity decides that whether paint requires being applied using a sprayer, roller, brush, or more high tech tool application. It is also required to know to apply the paint evenly and correctly on uneven surfaces. Viscosity is measured and tested using a wide range of viscometers generally measured by the timings and speed at which paint glides and moves.

Specific gravity is a method to measure paints density and is normally expressed in weight per gallon.

Testing for oil and dirt contamination, establish the presence of greases, dirt, oil contamination where rub one spot back to forth on surface ten times with dry cotton pad. Blackmark on the cotton pad shows oils and dirt.

Abrasion Resistance Test helps to determine the ability of a coating to resist avoid degradation because of mechanical wear and tear due to hard and rough objects.

Alkali resistance test of paint, to determine the temperature at which paint resists to react with alkaline substances such as plaster, lime, cement.

Cass test, to determine the corrosive performance of metals or other products using salt spray testing. Chemical Analysis of paint and coating to check that whether the product reacts to any chemical substances or not.

Accelerated aging of paint provides a relative method of how good paint will be going to last outdoors as compared with other existing formulations.

Conditioning Tests were conducted to determine the behavior and reaction of paints and other kinds of coatings to exposure to various conditions of humidity, temperature defined in relation to requirements of product or coating specifications.

Water-Resistance Test, like water, can cause degradation of the coatings, so to check how the coating is going to resist water.

Sigma conducts planned work in order to create new and improved paint quality testing and coatings quality testing methods. Under the quality control of paint and coating testing by sigma, one can assure the quality product as the inspection is done under expertise engineers in testing labs.


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