Corrosion Testing Laboratory | Salt Spray Testing Laboratory

Corrosion Testing


Salt Spray Test:

A large part of an automobile is made up of metals like steel, aluminium and iron which often have to sustain the damage inflicted by environmental corrosive agents like water, moisture, mist, humidity and vapours. It is significant for vehicle manufacturers to ensure that the quality of the metals and the protective coatings being used are durable enough to withstand these corrosive attacks. In our Lab facility, we undertake testing services to measure the strength and sturdiness of the anti-corrosive films applied over the metallic components of the vehicles. Testing ensures that the protective film coated over the metals conforms to the safety standards and adheres to the guidelines of the regulatory bodies.

Salt Fog Testing:

Salt fog is a type of spray test in which a vehicle is kept in a chamber where it is sprayed with salt fog incessantly at a particular temperature. This helps to evaluate its resistance power against corrosive salts and to determine the durability of the protective film applied to the body of the vehicle and its counterparts. We offer highly reliable salt fog testing services to verify the suitability of the protective films on vehicles in a particular simulated environment.

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