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Thermocouple Calibration



Thermocouple Calibration

A thermocouple is a device that is used to measure temperature. They have two dissimilar conductor metals producing a small voltage when joined together- where one end of the thermocouple joins both ends.

Calibration services at Sigma Test & Research Centre work in order to achieve accurate readings from a thermocouple. Thermocouples are used in many industrial and scientific applications.

Thermocouple Calibration is much better than a thermometer for temperature assessment. They can measure temperature in voltage but not directly on the temperature scale.

A thermocouple works on the exact formulation of the metals used in its construction. Calibration of a thermocouple is done in our labs by comparing thermocouple output to relatively precise thermometer data.

When the thermocouple measures a fresh temperature, the voltage converts into temperature by means of plugging, and the observed voltage applies into regression equation & solving for temperature.

Thermocouples are cheaper, small, rugged and accurate when used with an understanding of their peculiarities.

Working principle of thermocouple

When two metals dissimilar in nature are connected in a circuit it produces a voltage that is measurable. This only happens when a temperature gradient is applied between both ends.

The thermocouple is used in:

1. Steel industry

2. Gas appliance safety

3. Thermo pile radiation sensor

4. Manufacturing

5. Power production

6. Thermoelectric cooling

7. Process plants

8. Thermocouple vs Vacuum gauge

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