FSSAI order in relation to the processing of license & reg.



FSSAI order in relation to processing of license and registration applications during lockdown period.

As the order passed on 31st March , 2020 the FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) has issued directions in relation to processing  of FSSAI license or registration applications during the lockdown in the way of e-inspection because of corona pandemic .

FSSAI has stated that our whole country is in lockdown  because of covid-19 pandemic , it is impossible to conduct physical inspections of food units by regulating authorities which will ultimately result in delay in granting of license or registration applications and as we know that inspection is very important and it cannot be ignored  and it is very important  to overcome the delaying problem during this lockdown because food services is something that requires utmost attention and is very important .

FSSAI has issued various directions and guidelines on the timely basis has focus its attention on post registration inspection instead of pre-registration inspection due to limited manpower in this current situation and to avoid unnecessary delays in license sanctioning, as we know that there is exception in each case so FSSAI has made exceptions of pre- registration  inspection in cases which involve high- risk food categories but we know that physical inspection is tough because of the lockdown, the FSSAI has decided e-inspections in place of physical one’s. these are the steps that prevent from further delaying in granting and processing of license by license regulators.

In cases where registration regulators decide to conduct check-ups preceding to grant of FSSAI registrations certificate, as concerned authority can conduct e-inspection of FBO unit in essence to authority may record observations in the form of videos or images submitted by concerned party.

The submission form of videos or pictures in relation to inspection during the present scenario should be through any sorts of media available and even if you can live-steam that would be best. If the video or pictures received of inspection turns out to be satisfactory of the FBO unit , then the licensing authorities shall further take their applications without any holdup. If facility of downloading of media is available through that then concerned party can download and keep the copy for future reference.

As we know that food is very essential commodity and no compromise can be made in it, so to keep in mind it’s the duty of license proving authorities to make all possible efforts that too in such tough conditions in relation to the application of FSSAI registrations for any business without any business without any holdup. Requirements of  inspections and checkups should be minimum and should be capable of completion so that can be reviewed on a regular basis by food officers after the whole current situation settles and we return back to normal life, authorities can schedule physical inspection to whom the license was granted during lockdown period if necessary.

These orders are only considered for e- inspection during lockdown only as issued by commissioners of food safety in direction to licensing and registrations authorities by act.

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