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Automotive Chemical Testing

Chemical testing for automotive components: Vehicles face latent threat each time they hit the road, although the inherent danger on roads cannot be eliminated completely, chemical testing of vehicles and their components can ascertain that they function to the best of their ability. We offer tests that provide highly accurate chemical analysis of metals, plastics and other non-metallic products to ensure that your vehicle adheres to stringent industry standards and conform to the required safety rules and regulations.

Alkali Resistance Test:

Automobiles like any other substance or article need cleaning and washing from time to time. Effective cleaning involves the spraying of cleansing agents which contain strong alkaline substances. Spraying of alkaline cleansers on high pressure tends to wither the surface of anodized aluminium coating over the metallic bodies of the vehicle. Anodizing is a preventive measure through which aluminium components can be saved from the corrosive impacts of alkaline substances. This process involves creating a coating over the metal by oxidizing it through undertaking electrolysis in sulphuric acid. We offer services to determine the strength of the anodized layer formed through this process and its ability to resist corrosive impacts inflicted by alkaline substances.

Fuel Resistance Test:

Liquid fuels like petroleum and diesel are used to derive energy for operation and petroleum-based products are used in the composition of motor oils in a vehicle. Also, they are always prone to leakages and spillage of fuel and fuel-based products. Fuels are highly flammable, hence it becomes critical for vehicle manufacturers to ensure that in case of spillage or leakage the vehicle is equipped to prevent potential ignition damage. The application of fuel resistant paints on the body of the vehicle is one way to deal with the potential hazard. We offer testing services in our laboratory facility to accurately examine the degree to which the protective paint can avoid inflammation of vehicle components in case of spillage or leakage.

Our Automotive Component Testing services assure you that your products are safety standards-compliant, thereby embedding a trust seal in your buyer’s minds.

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