Hoverboard Standard that aims to improve safety is underway



Hoverboard Standard that aims to improve the safety is underway

Proposed ASTM International Standard aims to improve the safety of self-balancing scooters, more commonly known as hoverboard. The standard consumer safety specification for self-balancing scooters (WK57360) covers performance requirements for mechanical and physical properties of hoverboard in with an effort to reduce injuries associated with falls and other physical hazards. Electrical system standards will be addressed through Underwriters Laboratories. During the period from Aug.1, 2015, through till June 30, 2016, National Electronic Injury Surveillance System data provide by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission indicates that there were approximately 650 reported emergency-room-treated injuries related to self-balancing scooters. The revised draft, being issued for ballot and comment by the committee on consumer product (F15), is a global document but is also intended to be designated as a National Standard Council of Canada, for which ASTM International is accredited. Through this process, members of the Canadian public are invited to provide feedback on the suitability of the Standard to address Canadian safety issues.

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