Performance Testing

Noise Measurements:

Over years the numbers of vehicles on road have been increasing exponentially, so is the level of noise pollution. Vehicles cause noise pollution in numerous ways, through the exhaust systems, engines, horns, brakes and sound systems. Keeping a check on the volume of the noise produced becomes essential and ensuring that they conform to regulatory standards. We offer all the tests which are designed to measure your vehicle’s noise emissions and ensure that it is in line with the required safety standards.

High-Pressure Spray:

A form of spray testing, high pressure spray is a method of testing vehicles against forceful water spray. This method of testing ensures that the vehicle and its components are sturdy enough to sustain this force and does not face any kind of breakdown or component failures in any situation. Vehicles on a regular basis are cleaned with water splash or spray which sometimes enters internal components which are required to be free from water permeability; this test ensures no such situation arises. We offer high pressure testing services with adjustable volume, speed, range and pressure as per the requirement and suitability of the vehicle.

Flammability Tests:

Vehicles are highly prone to ignition as they are powered by fuel which is highly inflammable. Their internal components must be equipped to sustain in case of fire. Components like seat cushion, seat back, seat cover, seat belt, head rest, arm rest, movable convertible top, all decorative panels and many others must have the ability to safeguard themselves from fire as their flammability has direct effect on the safety of the people inside the vehicle. For vehicle manufacturers it is extremely important to ensure that vehicle’s components can resist fire to some extent as required by the regulatory and safety standards. At our laboratory facility we offer testing of components to ensure that they don’t burst into flames as soon as they come in contact with source of fire.

Durability Testing:

Vehicles on roads are vulnerable to encounter numerous forces and motions which can potentially damage their functioning or reduce their lifespan. Irrespective of their size, vehicles must undergo durability tests to ensure that they are able to sustain themselves in extreme situations. We offer elaborative durability tests covering all aspects to determine their sturdiness and life expectancy. Our wide ranging mechanical and electrical tests plausibly ameliorate the quality of automotive components and finished products. We help build remarkably reliable, heavy duty and staunch vehicles with immense strength to withstand all real life on-road hazards and mishaps.

High Temperature Test:

Automobile components must be sturdy enough to endure extreme temperatures at all times. For vehicle manufacturers it becomes essential to make sure that their parts are equipped to bear difficult conditions. We have testing facility which offers highly accurate testing services by simulating an environment in which high temperatures are maintained and vehicles components are subjected to that. This tests helps to determine the maximum temperature that automobile parts can endure and period of time for which they can bear this temperature. This test is done on the components which are non-operational or are not switched on; therefore the temperature to which they are subjected is higher as compared to operational parts which naturally heat up as they function.

Humidity Resistance Test:

Automobiles often have to encounter high temperature and humid weather conditions which has severe consequences on its body, components and protective layers. We offer testing facilities which provide simulated corrosive environment to measure the degree of resistance a vehicle possess. For humidity resistance test, vehicles and their components are exposed to heat and humidity in our testing chambers for specific period of time. Then they are evaluated on the basis of the time they sustain themselves without any corrosion or damage and if corroded, then the degree to which the damage has been caused in this activity.

High Temperature Operation Test:

Vehicles have to bear heat from the external environment, climatic conditions and the heat generated as they themselves operate. Heat energy in excess hampers the functioning of any device or equipment powered by electrical energy and therefore it hinders the performance of the vehicles as well. To test the vehicle components as they operate, for the amount of heat energy they can undertake without breaking down or facing any damage, we have adequate facility in our laboratory setup. We provide highly reliable tests which accurately determine vehicle components performance efficiency in high temperatures during their period of operation.

Heat/ Thermal resistance test:

Environmental conditions are evolving globally and the temperatures are rising consequently. The sky high temperatures are causing major problems in automobiles. Over-heating reduces the battery’s life span; the air conditioning system gets overworked and causes excess stress to its engine. Along with that the paint and protective film on the outer body of the vehicle fades and corrodes. It is essential for vehicle owners to evaluate the maximum thermal resistance a vehicle has and for that purpose we provide highly sophisticated thermal resistance testing facility which can subject vehicle to temperature ranging from 20ºC to 1200ºC as per requirement. We help ascertain the maximum resistance a vehicle has to environmental heating.

Thermal Shock:

Extreme temperatures have adverse effects on vehicles and on their parts. In extremely hot weather the battery of the car gets over heated, the air conditioners get over worked which have considerable negative impact on its engine. In cold weather the motor oil thickens, which causes the engine to get all worked up, along with that battery efficiency also drops. We provide thermal shock testing services to test your vehicle for its capability to withstand sudden changes in temperatures. Vehicles are exposed to extreme temperatures in our thermal shock chambers to examine their power to endure thermal stress.

Ingress Protection:

Vehicles operate outdoors which makes them vulnerable to the impacts from ingression from sand, dust, dirt, water and other foreign substances. When these materials enter the internal components of an automobile, they cause hindrance in their functioning. For vehicle manufacturers it is essential to ensure that components they manufacture have adequate resistance to such ingressions. We in our sophisticated laboratory facility test vehicle components that are enabled to provide protection against dust, sand particles and water droplets.

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