Tensile strength:

Tensile strength of a product is the maximum stress or force it can endure before it reaches its breaking point. For vehicle manufacturers it is essential to know how sturdy their products actually are before they pass on the product to the consumers. The body of a car is predominantly made up of metal, plastic and glass, which are subjected to all sorts of weights, forces and stresses to measure their endurance capacity. Vehicles require having considerable tensile strengths so that they can sustain themselves in case of collisions and accidents. We have facilities to provide highly reliable tensile strength test for each and every component of vehicles and make sure they conform to safety and industry standards.

Impact Test:

Vehicles at all times face latent collisions, accidents and crashes which could lead to fatality of the persons sitting inside. For vehicle manufacturers it is quintessential to ensure that the components of the vehicle exhibit minimum damage when they encounter such accidents. For that we have testing facility which offers tests to ensure strength and durability of the components in case vehicles bump into any object.This test helps vehicle manufacturers to conform to safety standards prescribed by the regulatory bodies. The extent to which the vehicle components can absorb shock inflicted by the collision determines the degree to which they can provide safety to the passengers.

Ball Drop Test:

A considerably large part of a vehicle is made up of glass, which intrinsically is vulnerable to environmental threats like rocks, pebbles and other heavy objects. For accident prone vehicles it is essential to ensure that the glass being used in the windshields and windows are sturdy and durable, therefore laminated safety glasses are used. Further to verify if the safety glasses are fit for the purpose they are being used, a ball drop test is done on them. We prove sophisticated facility for ball dropping tests on glasses for vehicle manufacturers. The impact on the laminated glass from ball drop test determines the thickness of the glass and also determines what all weight and size of foreign objects applied with force it can sustain without damage.

Warpage Test Plastics:

Vehicle parts comprises of metals, glass, rubbers and plastics. Plastic parts hence are a significant component in vehicle, they are used to make the decorative panel look better and add to the overall value of the vehicles. During manufacturing of plastic parts it is essential for their manufacturers to ensure that there are no defects. However a common defect which is often witnessed in its manufacturing process are warps. Warps are defects that arise after plastics are ejected from their moulds. We have sophisticated testing facility in which vehicle’s plastic components are examined for warps and other defects. We help manufacturers ensure that their products conform the standards required by the regulatory authorities.

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