What is EN71 Certificate & what does it do with Toy Testing?



What is EN 71 Certificate & what does it do with Toy Testing?

I remember in my childhood, how I craved Barbie. But at that age, what seems to me like a dream world, in reality, could pose a threat to me. I guess no one thinks of that, not even our parents and no one heard of En 71 certificate, that is where the point of toy testing comes. Children are vulnerable and any toys, made without many precautions, can harm a child’s life; even lead him to death! Now, you must be thinking how can a piece of metal or plastic be so threatening for your toddler? Well, let us enlighten you!

Toys are manufactured in factories like other products. So, yes toys contain every kind of chemical substance, chocking materials, toxic chemicals and sharp edges. Even their flammability quality is not checked in every case. And all these features can be harmful to your child. So before buying any toys check their safety certificates. These are the buyer’s aspects. But now we will discuss the seller’s aspect.

Let us have a look at why we should promote ‘Toy Testing’ |En 71 certificate

Demonstrate your commitment to safety, quality and environmental protection–

If you sell toys without any safety check, which will only illustrate your callous attitude towards customers. So, it is obviously a better option to check the safety measures of every toy to demonstrate how responsible a seller you are.

Assure product quality–

With the help of a safety check, you don’t have to worry about the quality of any product.

Reduce business risk and loss–

If you sell any toys with faulty measures and that causes an accident, the customer will blame you and your business will eventually incur a substantial loss.

Gain reputation and competitive advantage–

Selling toys for a toddler is a very sensitive business. One step out of the carpet and you can be doomed forever. So, why take that risk? Always check your toys with proper care to gain a reputation and competitive advantage in the market.

Improve economic efficiency and customers’ reliability–

And clearly, if you have understood the points mentioned above, this will lead you to improve economic efficiency and the customer will rely more on your products.

So, already I have explained why testing toys in the laboratory before selling or buying are important. But how will you know which is the best place to check your products? Or what is the yardstick of safety? Or how will you understand whether it is safe or not? Don’t worry. We are here to release you from your tensions.

Sigma Test and Research Centre is the best among lots of testing toys, and they are doing it for days now. They comply with the universal yardstick – EN71 to measure the safety of each toy. Now comes the question, what is EN71? What does it do? And how can it ensure properly whether a toy is safe or not? Well, here we will discuss details about En 71 certificate as used by the Sigma Test and Research Centre.

The safety of any toy is a sensitive question, and every parent is aware of that part. To reduce the tension and to make toys safer for children, European Union invented a safety yardstick. Every toy that is sold with the territory of the European Union bears a particular trademark CE marks. This is to indicate that the seller has undergone the safety process and has met every demand to make the toy safe. According to European countries, EN71 is the European standard toy safety testing. And nowadays, every other country follows this standard to avoid unnecessary hazards.

En 71 certificate has achieved that much reliability because of its process. From the data of Sigma Test and Research Centre, we can have the methods of EN71

In En 71 certificate test, we can possibly divide it into three categories

Firstly– Mechanical and physical properties of Toys. Secondly– Flammability of toys. And Thirdly– Migration of Certain Elements.

The purpose of checking the mechanical and physical properties of toys is to reduce every risk associated with any particular toy. Different tests are applied on toys based upon the characteristics of toys. Different warning labels are also attached to them.

Apart from the above test, next comes a very important test–the flammability properties of any toy. Especially the toys which are to be worn on the head viz. Beard, moustache, etc. and different costumes fall into this category.

And finally, the testing of migration of different parts of any toy. Antimony, Barium, Cadmium, Lead, Mercury from accessible part of any toy. These are to be detected from the paint, varnishes, and printing inks of toys. And by this test, we remove all these hazardous substances from toys.

So undoubtedly, the steps are clear, and the Sigma Test and Research Centre follows all these steps to meet the demand of safety measure for every toy. They don’t compromise on the quality and ensures that every toy is perfectly safe for children. You can also check their process of safety measure by clicking their website here www.sigmatest.org. To avail of the En 71 certificate, you can contact us.

BIS Recognised Toys Testing Laboratory

Sigma Test and Research Centre is BIS Recognised Toys Testing Laboratory as IS 9873 (Pt 1,2,3,9) and IS 15644. From January 1, the entry of imported toys in India will be subject to BIS quality testing. Also, domestic manufactured toys will also be required to bear the ISI mark.

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