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What is MSDS Testing Certificate?

A Material Safety Data sheet (MSDS) is a technical and scientific document that provides comprehensive, health, safety and detailed information about controlled products, chemicals or substances that are identified as dangerous and hazardous substances. The data sheet may be printed or written meeting availability, content and design requirements of WHMIS legislation.

What are the contents under the MSDS Service certification?

MSDS provide information on

  • Product Information: product name, manufacturer or suppliers names, addresses and contact details.
  • Hazardous Ingredients (chemical names and concentrations concerning).
  • Physical Data (appearance, behaviour, the smell of the product)
  • Fire or Explosion Hazard Data
  • Reactivity Data: information on the chemical instability of a product and the substances it may react with
  • Toxicology Properties
  • Preventive Measures
  • First Aid measures
  • Preparation Information: who preparers with the name and contact details and date of preparation of MSDS certificate.

What is the validity period of the MSDS certificate?

Under WHMIS law, the validity period of the MSDS certificate is 3 years and needs to be updated every 3 years.

Who prepares and issues MSDS certificate?

Manufacturers and importers of hazardous products and substances prepare MSDS certificates by themselves or get them issued from a third-party laboratory meeting WHMIS legislations.

Where do you get MSDS Certificate?

Various laboratories conduct detailed chemical analysis to prepare and provide MSDS certificate for manufacturers and suppliers. Sigma Test and Research Centre provide a wide range of chemical analysis services within their chemical analysis laboratories issuing MSDS certificate.

How MSDS will help in export purpose?

The material safety data sheet (MSDS) is a supporting document for export or Shipment containing detailed information on the contents of the shipment to prove that the product does not fall under the dangerous goods category and can easily be exported on time.

What is the lead time to complete MSDS tests?

Lead time to complete MSDS test depends on the product but generally takes around 3-4 business days for the testing.


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