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Environmental Testing


A clean and safe environment is a pre-requisite for good health and quality of life. Sigma Test & Research Centre focuses on delivering analytical services that address current environmental analysis issues and develop new solutions for challenges that the market and our clients anticipate facing in the future.

Our services include testing of water, air, soil, waste and other products to assess their quality and impact on health and the environment. We provide a full range of environmental consulting & testing services to municipal, industrial, household & private concerns.

Ambient Air Testing:

We offer critical ambient air testing services. Our services include ambient air, stack emissions, noise, soil, sludge, effluent, generator and engine exhausts, volatile compounds, semi-volatiles, hazardous air pollutants, air toxins, metals and particulates. We also offer ambient air analysis and stack emission monitoring.

Stack Emission Testing:

We offer critical Stack Emission Testing Service which is appreciated for flexibility and offering the most effective outcome. Excessive production of paints, plastics, printing inks and adhesives give rise to excessive stack emission. We test for stack emission with our requisite tools & equipment. Our mission is to help manufacturers cope up with the health, safety and environmental issues.

Water Testing:

Our Water Testing Services are well appreciated in the market. Over the years we have become synonymous with quality service providers in this domain. We leverage our cutting edge tools and equipment for testing water. Today we are a name to reckon with our professional handling in these critical areas. Our testing range offers critical solutions for all applications and budgetary profiles.

Noise Level Testing:

Unwanted sound is called noise. Environmental noise is evaluated by comparing a measurement or prediction of the noise to one or more criteria. There are many different criteria and ways of measuring and specifying noise, depending on the purpose of the evaluation.

Soil Testing:

The introduction of substances, biological organisms, or solid wastes in the soil, results in a change in the soil quality, which is likely to affect the normal use of the soil and endangering public health and the environment, therefore it is necessary to consider it as a determinant to the environmental quality.

Assessment Studies:

An Environmental Site Assessment is a report prepared for real estate which identifies potential or existing environmental contamination liabilities. The analysis often called an ESA, typically addresses both the underlying land as well as physical improvements of the property. Contaminated sites are often referred to as environmental assessments and are used for many types of construction projects and environmental studies. These environmental assessments and studies sometimes require other drilling-related activities including rock coring, the installation of monitoring wells, piezometers, lysimeters, gas probes and inclinometers. Field and laboratory testing is performed for soils, sub-soils and water.

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