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Choosing Safe Toys for Babies and Toddlers

No one can deny the fact of how much kids love toys. While the toys are fun distractions, many child psychologists claim how the toys should be considered as developmental learning tools as they have importance in child development.

Playing aids in the social, mental, physical, and emotional development of kids and toys are thus, important tools for so.

Toys help in stimulating the creativity of the child, but the larger question remains if the toy your child is playing with is safe or not? 

Toys can only be fun if they’re safe. Believe it or not, your child’s favourite toy can have harmful and toxic chemicals such as Lead and BPA and that’s why parents need to be more mindful of the toys they buy for their children.

Potential Hazards from Toys:

  • Gulping down the magnetic toys.
  • Choking on the smaller toys.
  • Cuts that could happen from sharp parts of the toy.
  • Presence of Phthalates in PVC toys.
  • Leads are present in most toys which is the most dangerous product affecting brains.
  • Fur or hair that can cause choking or allergies.
  • Gaps as well as holes where any body part can get stuck.
  • Beads, long strings
  • Attached toy box lids
  • Swallowing of batteries causes injuries and chemical burns

Tips for Choosing Safe Toys for Babies and Toddlers:

Age-appropriate toys: One of the basic things to keep in mind is always buying toys that are specifically made for your child’s age group.

Do not select any toy that lures you or your child. The age divisions for toys are based on safety standards and not intelligence.

Thus, if you go for toys of different age groups then, the safety standards will not be appropriate for your child.

  • Size matters!:

We all know toddlers’ and babies’ love for putting things in their mouths. While your child might not be mindful of the things they put in their mouth, parents should be! If you buy smaller toys, the chances of the child swallowing them and getting choked are very high. Always go for “large” toys.

  • Don’t go for loud toys:

Exposure to loud toys can cause noise pollution hindering child development.

Overtime usage of toys that generate noise in 85dB or higher intensity can even cause hearing loss in children.

Prefer going for toys that don’t generate any kind of noise.

  • Washable Toys:

While you try to do everything to protect your child from germs, who might overlook the fact that your child’s favourite stuffed toy might be causing them harm.

When buying toys, always look for washable toys to prevent the risks of asthma, lice, allergies, etc.

Sturdy and Toxic-Free Plastic Toys:

Toys made from cheap and weak plastics are mostly made of PVCs. Everything from teething rings to squeeze toys is PVCs.

These can be extremely harmful as they can have toxic additives such as lead, cadmium, phthalates, and BPAs. Plus, the weak toys can easily be chewed by babies causing them to choke. Look for toxic-free and sturdy toys!

  • Avoid Electric Toys:

This one is a no-brainer! Toys that run on batteries and electricity pose a risk to your child.

These batteries can leak, or there can be a short circuit and what’s worse the child can even end up swallowing the batteries which can cause chemical burns.

  • Avoid sharp Toys:

Any toys with a sharp end or part and even a shooting part can cause serious cuts and injuries to your child. Whenever you shop for toys, always feel the product to ensure its safety.

The above mentioned are a few quick tips and guidelines that you as a parent should keep in mind while buying toys for your kids.

And mind you, taking second-hand toys might have emotional value and save you bucks, but these can be dirty with germs due to use and might not align with safety standards.

Therefore, going to tested toys from accredited labs is the safest and best option. Always remember, read the labels, and do your research!


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