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How to choose the right sanitary pad?

Every woman is unique in herself, and so is her body’s way of reacting to periods. This is one of the reasons why so many types of sanitary napkins are available in the market.

Your preference is unique because it depends on factors such as skin type, body shape, and flow. Respective priority levels of these factors shape a woman’s choice of sanitary pads. Which sanitary napkin will do justice to their periods differs from one woman to another and hence, the choice is absolutely subjective.

Important factors to choose the right Sanitary napkin

1. Know your periods– Understanding your body and periods first is a major part of choosing the right pad matching your menstrual cycle of what you actually need. Every girl has different type of periods be it the flow, duration or symptoms. So, know the types of sanitary napkins you need.

Tip# Leak free periods are no myth, just find the right pad coverage.

2. Good absorbency– The sanitary pad absorption capacity let’s you decide if you need an extra absorbent pad or just a regular pad. The pad should absorb the blood flow without any back-flow.

Tip# Opt for longer pads if your flow is heavy and vice-versa. Use pads that come with fragrance to avoid any foul smell during initial days of heavy flow.

3. Length and flow– Pick the right napkin as per your flow. It depends on the body shape and flow whether you need an extra-long pad with broad hip-guard or a regular one.

Tip# Use long-slim pad as sanitary napkins for heavy flow and regular pads on days that follow.

4. Material- Cotton pads for periods as well as plastic-netted ones, both types of sanitary napkins are available. It just depends on your preference and skin type what you want to use. Sanitary pad for sensitive skin are available in the market if you do have a sensitivity issue in that area.

Tip# It is advised to prefer cotton menstrual pads on the last days of your period to avoid rashes.

5. Lifestyle- Wear pads according to the nature of your daily activities or activities that happen to fall on the days of your period.

Tip# Use winged slim pads if you have a gym class in school or an extra absorbent pad if you have to indulge in any extra-curricular activity.

Keeping the environment in mind, people have started manufacturing biodegradable organic pads at small-scale levels. They are certified for their quality through appropriate testing methods to ensure hygiene.

Till today, 60% of women across the globe wear a wrong pad. Understanding of our body and its needs is must to have a healthier and more fertile menstrual cycle. Find the right coverage and comfort by keeping in mind the discussed factors and tips. And, bid adieu to hesitation, irritation and constant uneasiness caused by your periods.

Happy periods!

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