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Testing Purity With Sigma Test & Research Centre

Founded in 2009, Sigma Test and Research Centre have been providing quality, efficient and accurate testing services for over a decade. 

Sigma Test and Research Centre aims to serve humanity and create a better world with its world-class testing services. 

Testing involves analyzing and identifying the model/project’s problems(if any) and then addressing them in subsequent processes. It is carried out in a variety of fields using a variety of methods. In the field of science, testing of the surroundings, a wide range of industries, and industrial products, on a regular basis is needed to maintain a safe and greener environment. Testing also allows researchers to keep up to date on the most recent explorations and make new discoveries as a result. 

At Sigma, the results of the testing, inspection, and certification services are trustworthy as the laboratory is accredited by NABL and FSSAI. 

The chemical, biological, mechanical, non-destructive, electrical, and electronics fields are all covered by Sigma’s diverse and flexible range of services. It does so in accordance with international standards such as ILAC, ISO, ASTM, USP, BP, DIN, JS, BS, AOAC, and NABL, using state-of-the-art facilities and a robust digitalized data management system to provide outstanding customer service.

Sigma Test & Research Centre provides the services of testing in various fields like Automotive Part testing, Building Material testing, Chemicals testing, Food testing, Pesticide Testing, Textile testing, and more than 20 other types. Some of them are:

Electronics/Electrical Testing

Sigma provides fast and efficient testing solutions. Its state-of-the-art laboratories offer testing and certification services for electronic goods. Sigma provides quality testing solutions for a wide range of electronic and electrical goods, including household appliances, IT machinery, electronic toys, amusement and gaming machines, and various electronic and electrical products. The testing checks products for their safety, quality, and performance standards.

Food Testing Services

Food testing is one of the most critical forms of testing because it includes food that is consumed by people of all ages, and even a small amount of the wrong ingredient can cause illness in customers. Food research is carried out with these considerations in mind:

  • Testing for heavy metals that are harmful to our bodies, such as lead, cadmium, and mercury.
  • Nicotine testing is performed to ensure that the fruits and vegetables you consume are free of nicotine, a highly toxic drug.
  • Pollutants in crops that are inadvertently applied to food via the setting.
  • Toxins exist naturally in the environment and penetrate food products during farming.

Automotive Chemical Testing

Chemical testing of vehicles and their components can ensure that they perform to the best of their ability. While the inherent danger on roads cannot be entirely removed, chemical testing of vehicles and their components can ensure that they function to the best of their ability. Tests like Alkali Resistance Test and Fuel Resistance Test provide highly precise chemical analysis of metals, plastics, and other non-metallic materials to ensure that the vehicle complies with industry standards and meets all safety requirements.

Toys Testing

No one can deny the fact that children adore toys. Toys are valuable resources for assisting in the social, mental, physical, and emotional growth of children. But it is important to question whether or not the toy your child is playing with is non-toxic and safe. Believe it or not, dangerous and toxic chemicals like lead and BPA can be found in your child’s favourite toy. Sigma Test and Research Centre provides the best quality toy testing services to check for all the potential threats and chemical material found in toys. 

Environmental Testing

Good health and high quality of life need a clean and healthy climate and environment. Sigma Test & Research Centre focuses on offering analytical services that resolve current environmental analysis concerns while also developing innovative strategies for potential problems that the industry and the clients expect. 

Water, air, soil, waste, and other items are tested by the expert and experienced team of Sigma. The testing helps to determine their consistency and effect on human health and the environment. Sigma offers public, commercial, household, and private clients a wide range of environmental consulting and testing services.

These are a few out of the many tests and calibration services offered by  Sigma Test and Research Centre. To know more about Sigma’s testing and calibration services or for an enquiry: Contact Sigma Test and Research Centre.

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