Significance of Quality Testing in Food & Facilities



Significance of Quality Testing in Food & Facilities Management

Significance of Quality Testing in Food & Facilities Management


One of the key elements that any market-leader product portrays is ‘Quality’. Without a doubt, quality is a key determinant for any brand to establish itself in the marketplace and very vital for the manufacturing company to be accepted as a trustworthy producer.

Yet, it is not uncommon to find organizations to skip quality measures or conform to lower standards to keep up with demand and continuous supply. Organizations are always trying to improve their workforce’s productivity, but they eventually realize that when you cut down or skip qualitative measures you kill productivity levels too.

As noted management consultant Edward Deming rightly said: Improve quality and you automatically improve productivity.

While so many people still think that rather than focusing and investing time and money in quality, it is best to focus on production and volumes, we’d like to share a different perspective altogether in line with Deming’s principle shared above.

Minimize/Eliminate External Rejections

While many companies manage to achieve their top-line numbers, why is it that they aren’t always profitable? One of the topmost reasons is that despite sales managing to somehow meet its targets, a substantial portion of earnings is lost when these sales are refuted. In short, wherever the number of returns is higher, the actual sales numbers ideally should be discounted by such numbers, which portrays the correct sales turnover picture. Why should you be so worried about customer returns and rejections?

– You get bad customer reviews.

– You reverse sales.

– Your goods take longer to clear from shelves eventually.

– You could face permanent loss of business in certain regions paving way for your competitors.

Now, therefore, what if you had taken care of quality in the first place? Surely, the above list could be controlled very well.

Stringent Control on Internal Deviations

One preceding step that helps in eliminating external rejections is, by having strong quality control processes in place internally. Your processes should ensure that your products are flawless and of superior quality, before they leave your premises and are en route to the marketplace. When you do a QC check just before dispatching final goods to the customer, you are assured that you are sending superior quality goods and at least quality will not be a reason for a product return/cancellation. Such impeccable quality can be guaranteed only when there are stringent quality processes and checks in place.

Third-party Quality Tests

One reason, companies land up overspending on quality checks and procedures is when they try to control quality completely in-house. While it makes sense to do so if your production scale is voluminous and consistent, complete internal infrastructure for quality assurance might not be a feasible idea for all. That’s how the cost of production increases and companies can be impacted in two ways – they load up this cost into the product price and hence their output turns out to be more expensive and less competitive, or they have to compromise on margins by keeping competitive pricing. Either way, it is a non-profitable venture.

Essentially, quality is very simply defined as a reduction of deviation in production. Once quality standards are established, manufacturing companies should adhere to standard processes, to rule out the fear of internal rejections or failures. Consistency assures that from a manufacturing angle, the company has followed preset guidelines and regulations, thereby assuring companies of standard produce. One of the standard processes should be quality testing and just so that you don’t have to tolerate deficiency or downtime on that front, you need to leverage third-party quality testing experts. Having quality certifications from an external and unbiased agency also consolidates the trust in your products.

Sigma Test and Research Centre is an established and well-renowned quality testing organization. Our only line of focus is to help our clients test the quality of their products and guide them on how and where they can improve. With our testing processes and methods all certified, we allow you to focus on your business, while we focus on your quality. With globally acclaimed certifications, our state-of-the-art laboratories are thoroughly equipped to conduct a wide range of testing services to empower businesses with the right quality certifications.

Right from human consumables to Agri-chemicals, testing water to soils, consumer electronics to automotive, Sigma has quality testing solutions across sectors. To find out more about how we can help you assess and maintain superior quality standards in your goods, connect with our team of quality experts, who will be happy to advise you about the requisite tests and methods that can be deployed.

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