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We Would Like to Introduce Shruti Vij

Shruti Vij Sigma Test and Research Centre

We’d like to introduce Shruti, a travel-geek and our saviour of the laboratory employee army. You usually see her in the lab with a white coat and eyes hard at work. 

In her words, “I love my job and want to keep growing in this field.” When asked what she loves the most about her work she said, “I enjoy working on instruments and want to learn more and more. I am happy working here and really like the environment. I appreciate how I get the chance to learn things every day.”

Shruti told us that she feels no work pressure and that has increased her productivity manifold. We asked her about her fondest memories at Sigma and she mentioned receiving acknowledgement for her punctuality in a Diwali party. Another memory she shared was a funny one. Being the enthusiastic person she is, she donated blood right after eight months of the birth of her child which is why she fainted after that. Looking back we had a little laugh and smile on it.

On a regular day, you’d see her in testing residues, juggling between instruments, monitoring results, planning her week and so on. Shruti also shared a memory of receiving approval from the drugs department and cherishes the appreciation she received for the same. 

Shruti is inspired by her father in life and feels grateful for the support and motivation she has always received. On being asked about what motivates her to work, she said, “It is all about self-discipline. If you like what you do and you are sincere yourself, you’ll do great work.”

On being asked about how she deals with work-related problems, she said she will ensure going to the point where the delay is and getting it resolved herself. She can’t relax until her work is sorted out. 

Shruti is focused and dedicated. She loves to travel as much as she enjoys work. While she would plan a vacation on her holidays, she loves relaxing on her weekends. Shruti enjoys cleaning and that’s what you would see her doing on a Sunday morning. 

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