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Know Plastic, No Plastic!

Know Plastic, No Plastic!

A fact known to almost all of us, plastic is considered the prime culprit for damaging our planet in disastrous ways. And currently, plastic has become an indispensable bad habit of ours. Life without plastic seems unimaginable.

Plastic culture has got ingrained in us so deeply, that is doesn’t even feel like a conscious choice anymore. From feeding bottle at birth to glucose bottle at death, we are all surrounded by plastic products.

The situation has become so intense that if no action is taken right now, soon there will be more plastic and less of life as we know it. Plastic products that are made for single-use only such as plastic straws, coffee stirrers, polythene bags, etc. have been piling up the landfills from a long time. We should rather use hard-plastic products that can be used multiple times and are less damaging to the environment.

Being a concerned global citizen, we all can make efforts on our individual levels to tackle this problem at the very root level.

Here are 10 ways in which you can help decrease plastic waste:

1. Reduce use of disposable utensils such as those paper-like coffee cups at your workplace. The catch is they might be called ‘paper cups’ while actually they are not paper but polyethylene. Hence, carry your personal mug with you in office made of stainless steel, glass or ceramic.

2. Get rid of plastic bottles, they contain hormone disrupting BPA and phthalates that can leach into your drink. You can switch to stainless steel, glass or aluminum bottle.

3. Carry a reusable bag made of jute, paper, cloth, or canvas tote, to avoid plastic bags offered at shopping centre. You can also use cardboard box or mesh shopping bags for storing stuff.

4. Don’t store food in plastic containers as you may not even realize but harmful chemicals are released into food stored in them. In place of plastic containers use mason jars, silicone containers, cloth food sacks or glass containers.

5. Avoid non-stick cookware as it’s coating contain Perfluorochemicals that resist heat, grease, oil, stains and water. This PFC is actually carcinogenic in nature. Yes, you read it right, they can cause cancer!

6. Don’t chew gum, as it contains plastic component called elastomer which gives it the bubble-forming feature. Manufacturers cleverly hide this content under the tag “Gum base”!

7. Avoid packed food as much as you can instead choose glass or stainless steel containers to store food. We must be already having a stock of them in our kitchen.

8. Get the plastic off your face, couldn’t understand what it means? Well the micro-beads shown in ads of cosmetics such as face-wash, scrub, cleanser, nail polishes are not what you think. They are actually micro plastics and are being used in lipstick, mascara, deodorant, detergents also. Choose cosmetics diligently.

9. Skip using disposable razors as they generate plastic waste in the environment. Use safety razors or straight razors as they are both environment-friendly and give a better and cheaper shave.

10. Switch from disposable diaper to cloth as they may seem messy but they are good for the environment. Diapers are an ecologically questionable entity and need to be replaced with a better alternative.

Cleanliness comes from within, and is a habit that starts from home. Let’s begin from today!

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