How to Find Right Water Testing Laboratory for Your Water?



How to Find the Right Water Testing Lab for Your Water test?


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Water is one of the basic elements essential for the survival of all living beings. 

Whether you’re a water supplier, drinking water bottle manufacturer, or simply a consumer, you can’t possibly deny the importance of clean, safe water.

However, if you’re a manufacturer, you must get a water testing done before you dispatch your products for the market to ensure your consumer’s health and earn credibility for your business. 

Many countries, states, and municipalities have unique water quality criteria.

To maintain the ecosystem and ensure public safety, water must be free of dangerous contaminants such as microorganisms, heavy metals, and pesticides.

Taking the case of drinking water for instance, which is intended for human consumption for drinking and cooking purposes from any source?

It includes water (treated or untreated) supplied by any means, for human consumption.

The quality standards for drinking water in India are prescribed by the Bureau of Indian Standards laid down IS 10500: 2012.

Thus, it is important to get any type of water, be it drinking, dialysis, pool water, or waste, processed water tested in a Govt approved Water Testing Lab

If put in simple terms, a good and govt accredited water testing laboratory will help in testing the quality of water so that you comply with government rules and regulations regarding it.

Water quality testing laboratory provides qualitative as well quantitative data. The traditional method of testing water quality in laboratories is a lengthy procedure but gives accurate results.

Finding The Right Water Testing Laboratory For You:

Now that you’ve known the importance of water testing, the question remains how to find a good “Water Testing Laboratory near me”?

Well, the first thing is to check whether the Water Testing Laboratory you’re going for is accredited and approved or not. If it’s not, you should not go for it and save yourself from trouble. 

You should only get the water quality testing done by a laboratory that is accredited by NABL and CPCB.

The accreditation by these government authorities is proof of the laboratory’s quality, accuracy, well-equipment, and expertise.  

Why choose us?

Our microbiological and chemistry analysis facilities offer high-quality water testing to assist you in identifying water issues.

We can assist you in complying with local water quality regulations and policies by combining local expertise with global capabilities.

Our innovative procedures necessitate the collection of smaller sample volumes, lowering field sampling and transportation costs while maintaining outstanding findings.

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