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Why Food testing is important in India?

What is Food testing?

Food testing is an essential part of the efficient production of harmless, valuable products. Today’s food industry today definitely demands an inspection, and testing is to ensure good quality and to protect public health. As adulteration is prevalent prevails in the food industry, hence food testing requirement has a significant role.

How is it done?

Food testing is done in laboratories; however, but it can be also be done with the help of food testing strips. Food testing strips are the product that helps to determine whether or not a food product contains bacteria that can cause foodborne diseases or not. These products can normally be used on food, water, and hard surfaces, and are often intended for quick and easy home and business use.

There are two types of strips:-

  • The first one is an Assay Enzyme Reactant Test. These strips are considered used to detect strains of E. coli and Salmonella.
  • The Second type of food testing strip is a gram-negative swab, which is can be put directly on the food itself. This test is more efficient than the assay enzyme reactant test.

Food testing requirements in India

One of the major drawbacks in the food industry of India is adulteration adultery. Adultery Adulteration is widespread nowadays hence food testing has become a mandate in India. It is important to maintain the general overall quality of the food supply and to ensure that the food industry provides consumers with food products that are safe to consume.

Consumers must know about the nutritional composition of the food products so that they can make healthy choices and mind their diet. This will help them refrain from consuming the compounds they are allergic to or want need to avoid. Nutritional labels state the total calorific value of the food, as well as total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrate, dietary fibre, sugars, protein, vitamins, calcium, and iron.

Food testing gives an authenticity check which ensures the quality of the contents of the food product. In this way, food testing ensures that consumers don’t become a victim of economic fraud and that contest among food manufacturers is reasonable.

Last but not the least, food testing ensures the safety of the food consumed. The consumer can know that the product is harmless and can be consumed without any dilemma. 

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