Five ways to identify organic food 

The conventional food that we eat today is loaded with chemical fertilizers, pesticides, larvicides, fungicides which are primarily sprayed to kill any unwanted insects or toxic growth but eventually it leads to contamination of these ingrown foods making it unfit for consumption. Following are five ways to identify whether your food is naturally grown without any harmful chemicals from the naked eye.


  • Size, shape and appearance

Organic foods are never completely similar in appearance, one can never find such food as absolutely alike. They are not altered for any shape specifications and are left undisturbed, neither are they more huge in size as compared to conventional food products. 


  • Preservative free and lesser shelf life

Since organic foods have no amount of preservatives and they are produced with natural ways and sent directly to our homes, these tend to have a shorter shelf life than the foods produced by chemical pesticides and weedicides. Therefore such foods do not tend to last long.


  • By food aroma determination

100% naturally grown food has a very strong fragrance that can be detected from a distance, these contain natural aroma that is extremely tempting for our nose buds, this makes them stand in stark contrast to foods and fruits that have additives into it. 


  • Presence of insects or life

Since the primary difference between organic foods and generally available food at our nearby stores is that the latter is protected with strong chemicals to kill any unwanted lives budding into it, the former might contain traces of insects or worms that clearly indicates that it is produced by less harsher means.


  • The more duller, the more healthier

These foods are not polished, sprayed or cut to make them look aesthetic. These are irregularly shaped with its natural color that is dull and light, hence the adage that foods that  appear rich in color are healthier is a false notion as the more organic and naturally grown it is, less will it be prone to any additives.


Sigma test and research center provides food testing services that gives authenticity check which ensures the quality of the contents of the food product. In this way, the food testing ensures that consumers don’t become a victim of economic fraud and that contest among food manufacturers is reasonable.

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