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Why Air Turbine Fuel Testing is important?

We dream high; we fly high! Yes, sometimes we literally fly high on an aeroplane just to give our dream a ‘hello.’ But do we check every safety precautions of that particular flight? Whether the aeroplane has been checked properly or not? The plane is something which is prone to danger than any other transportation system. A little mistake can turn a big aeroplane into ashes. And among those safety precautions, one of the great precautions we should take with the Air Turbine Fuel Testing or in other words the Aviation fuel testing.

What is Aviation Fuel or Air Turbine Fuel? Aviation Fuel is a specialised type of petroleum-based fuel used to power aircraft. It is a higher quality fuel than those are used in road transport or heating. As this Fuel is of higher degree, it has some addition qualities which can cause some massacre if not checked properly. So the important question comes-

Why we should test Air Turbine Fuel before using it?

  • Firstly, as an aircraft flies through the air, it creates static electricity. If not dissipated, an electric arc could occur and burn down the fuel vapour which will result in a great explosion.
  • Aviation Fuel can cause serious environmental hazards which are not desirable at all. So it must be checked thoroughly to minimise environmental problems arising out of it.
  • Thirdly, where water and food, microbes are there. Air Turbine Fuels are therefore the perfect place for bacteria’s and other microbes. Yeast, moulds and the bug can grow on this Fuel and can create some serious problem in the gauging system as they are corrosive and can damage the whole aircraft tank structure.

The importance of Air Turbine Fuel testing is never ending, and the above points are just the tip of an iceberg. However, as I have mentioned the importance of having the test before flying, now let us have a look at the precautions to be taken for aviation fuel.

How and what precautions are to be generally taken for any Air Turbine Fuel Testing-

  • Testing of acidity, anti-icing additives to check whether it is compatible to handle weather change.
  • Burning quality i.e. flammability.
  • Explosiveness to check whether the fuel is highly likely to explode or not.
  • ASTM D1655 test to check the thermal stability
  • Water reaction parameter to check its stability or ASTM D1094 test
  • Contamination Analysis to check whether the fuel is contaminated with microbes or not
  • Electrical conductivity test or ASTM D2624
  • Oxidation Stability – Lead Precipitate or ASTM D873 test

There are other numerous tests, which should be followed to give the passengers of any aircraft a smooth ride. However, the above tests are the basic precautions and tests that should be done according to International standard. Compromising with Air Turbine Fuel testing is equal to compromising the lives of thousand people. So, don’t pay the cost so high and every aircraft should be checked properly before flying. Happy Journey!

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