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7 Hygiene tips for restaurant owners


Would you like to visit a restaurant where there is dirt and food stain everywhere? Sounds eeky, right? Studies have shown that the hospitality sector risks their business if their hygiene standards do not match the high standards of taste and services. Therefore, apart from maintaining the taste and goodness of food, every restaurant owner should treat restaurant sanitation as a priority. But the question is, how o maintain efficiency when it comes to the cleanliness of the restaurant? Well, here are some tips that can help you:-


1. Easy access to sanitizer

Even though the workers at the restaurant wash their hands at regular intervals, it’s also necessary to apply hand sanitizer. Ignorance and improper handling of hygiene by the restaurant handlers can make pathogenic bacterias to come in contact with food that is served to the customers. Moreover, in some cases, these bacteria manage to survive and multiply causing further illness to the consumer. Thus, restaurant owners should facilitate workers with the availability of sanitizer.

2. Cleanliness in restrooms

In a survey conducted by a renowned washroom hygiene service providing company, it was found that 88% of the population agrees that hygiene in washrooms is a major factor to consider when it is about returning to the restaurant frequently. Furthermore, 48% of people denied returning to the eating places that have poor hygiene standards. Therefore, clean your washroom and toilet every hour. Never miss important ‘touch points’ like handles, switches, and faucets as these are the areas that are most prone to the spread of bacteria.

3. Anti-bacterial cleaning in the kitchen

Wiping the table or kitchen shelf with a wet cloth is not enough as harmful bacteria are still left to damage the prestige of the restaurant. Besides, poor sanitation practice in cleaning and preparation of food can contribute to the transmission of infectious agents. Hence, use antibacterial wipes or food-friendly surface sanitizer to clean the table tops and counters.

4. Proper storage and handling of food

High-level hygiene can be practised if the staff is aware of the rules of cleanliness. According to a study in the USA, it was found that poor food handling practices were causing 97% of food-borne diseases in both food outlets and homes. Thus, you need to clean the storage area along with the fridge and freezer. Also, keep a check on the expiry date and check the lid and container which may have cracked.

5. Cleaning of cooker hood and fans

The grease collected in the equipment used for ventilation can have detrimental impacts on your kitchen hygiene such as exhaust fans and cooker hood. Therefore, the best way to clean these is by using steam to melt down the grease. Furthermore, grease collected on the kitchen stove should also be removed from time to time.

6. Clean the dining area properly

Dining table and even the menu contain infectious bacteria that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Moreover, such ignored areas contain more germs than a toilet seat. Therefore, to end such tiny microbes, it is necessary to clean the table regularly using the IPA solution that is also safer to use. Also, the menu should be changed from time to time.

7. Pest control

When you keep everything neat and clean the chance of pests within the restaurant become low. However, to be on the safer side, take the help of pest control professionals to not only deal with your present problem but take measures of prevention for the future as well.

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