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5 tips to buy adulteration free pulses

5 tips to buy adulteration free pulses

With increasing greed of individuals to earn more, contamination of food items has become rampant  that is done by adding similar looking substances into it and increasing its overall weight. 

Food adulteration is primarily done for financial gains and is subsequently monitored by government regulatory agencies, but that doesn’t go a long way in protecting every household from adulterated food. 

Hence, following are some tips that one can use to avoid consumption of adulterated food –

  • By identifying traces of dust, stones and other unwanted materials

Pulses are contaminated by adding small unwanted substances which one can detect with a naked eye , it includes particles of dust, stones, straw, weed insects, hair and with similar looking damaged grain particles. 

  • By visual examination

While buying pulses, one must decide which pulses they want to buy and the physical texture and shape of these, adulteration in smooth pulses such as Arhar can be determined by visual examination as it’s adulterant ( Kesari pulse)  has a wedge shape whereas arhar is small, round and quite sleek to touch, so make sure that you analyse the grain beforehand to identify its correct shape while buying. 

  • By colour releasing properties

Pulses are also adulterated with artificial colours hence if any potent colours rinse out of the dal in water then it can be ruled that it is adulterated. To check this, take a handful of any pulse, grind it and then add water to it, if the water develops a bright yellow colour then it has got artificial colours. 

  • By making a solution with hydrochloric acid

Several pulses are generally contaminated with a substance called Metanil Yellow which,  if consumed for longer periods can lead to several bowel syndromes henceforth pulses should be checked for this adulterant, this can be identified by grinding the dal, mixing it with lukewarm water and then subsequently adding a few drops of hydrochloric acid or any other acid that is available near you, if the solution develps a pinkish, purplish or violet colour then it has got metanil yellow in it. 

  • By determination of  traces of Ergot( a fungus carrying poisnous substances) 

Pulses are contaminated with fungus that can be extremely harmful for health of human beings, this can be detected from the naked eye. 

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