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Water Flow Meter Testing



Water meters are used to measure the volume of water used by residential and commercial buildings that are served by a public water supply system.

Water meters serve many purposes for utilities, including assessing demand management, ensuring equity in billing, identifying distribution and customer leaks, and studying use patterns among consumers.

There are two main types of water meters, inferential-type and volumetric.

  • Inferential-type meters use a linear relationship between the velocity of the water flowing through the meter and the rotational speed of the rotor or propeller. The number of rotations can then be calibrated to the meter register to measure the flow going through the meter. 
  • Volumetric meters directly measure the volume of water that passes through the meter in discrete volumes as it passes through the metering chamber. The water fills and rotates the measuring device as it travels through. Each rotation is correlated to a specific volume of water passing through the meter. 

Water meters, especially mechanical water meters, experience a degradation of accuracy over time. This degradation is caused due to several factors, such as wear, poor water quality, high water velocity, throughput volumes.

Sudden changes in pressure can also damage meters to a great extent. Hence quality assurance is important to ensure the accuracy of water meters. In India, IS 779, IS 6784, ISO 4064, OIML R49 and EEC directives are followed for flow testing.

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