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Shoes used in daily life and for purposes must be comfortable, practical, durable and free of harmful chemicals.

There are various types of shoes made of leather, rubber, synthetic leather, plastics and other materials for men, women and children of all age groups.

A mass of strict legislations governs the manufacturing, import and retail of shoes in the world’s developed nations in order to protect consumers and the environment.

The most important and compulsory legal requirement for shoe manufacturers, exporters and retailers are to ensure that the shoe product complies with the required extensive legislation on chemicals, safety and quality. The product must fulfil and comply with the requirements of the product.

The general product safety regulation states that all shoe products in the market must be safe to use.

Even if no particular legal requirements have been set for the product, the product safety directive is still applicable.

There are restrictions on the usage of a number of chemicals in the manufacturing of shoes, because of their hazardous effects on health and the environment.

Such as restriction of azo dyes used in dyed leather shoes, organostannic compounds in PVC in the shoe product, metal parts in zippers and buttons should not release high nickel amount.

All shoes must have labels on them giving information about materials used describing three main parts- upper, lining & socks and outer sole along with ‘made in’ label.

Shoe manufacturers, retailers and suppliers are responsible to ensure that their products cover the requirements of departments and health authorities in countries where they wish to sell them.

These laws and legislation require third-party testing of shoes to make sure that the products fulfil all the standards and requirements.

At Sigma’s laboratories, carry out various tests required to qualify shoes for the suitable certification concerning regulations.

Sigma has experienced professional who develops suitable testing concepts based on particular requirements.

Sigma’s extensive footwear and leather goods testing, inspection offers quality assurance to our customers, empowering dynamic evaluation of shoes at all stages and levels of production and manufacturing, to ensure product quality in the market.

Industrial and Protective Rubber Knee and Ankle Boots Testing

IS 5557-2004

All rubber gumboots and ankle boots Testing

IS 5557-2

Moulded solid rubber soles and heels Testing

IS 5676-1995

Rubber Microcellular sheet for sales and heels Testing

IS 6664

Solid PVC Soles & heels Testing

IS 6719

PVC Sandal Testing

IS 6721

Rubber Hawai Chappal Testing

IS 10702-1992

Specification for Slipper, Rubber Testing

IS 11544

PVC Industrial Boots Testing

IS 12254-1993

Polyurethane soles semirigid Testing

IS 13893

Unlined moulded rubber boots Testing

IS 13995-1995

Lined or Unlined Polyurethane Boots for General Industrial use for Testing

IS 16645

IS 16994

Personal Protective Equipment Safety Footwear Testing

IS 15298-2
ISO 20345

Personal Protective Equipment Protective Footwear Testing

IS 15298-3
EN ISO 20346

PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT, Part 4: Occupational Footwear Testing

IS 15298-4
EN ISO 20346

Leather safety boots and shoes-For Minor Testing


Leather safety boots and shoes-For Heavy metal Industry Testing


Canvas Shoes, Rubber sole Testing


Canvas Shoes, Rubber sole Testing


Protective Rubber canvas shoes for minors Testing


Leather safety footwear having direct moulded rubber sole Testing


Direct moulded PVC sole Testing


Sports Footwear Testing


High ankle tactical boots with full rubber sole Testing


Anti-riot shoes Testing


Derby shoes Testing


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