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Safety Belt Testing Service


Safety Belt Testing Service

We, the diligent team of Sigma test and research centre, want to make sure that every passenger has the highest level of comfort and safety possible.

Therefore, we carry out various tests in the highly equipped laboratories that help us meet the standards set by the authorities

Sigma provide the best services of safety belt testing service, we perform tests in different conditions may that be long term conditions, such as different temperatures, or short-term scenarios, like effects of dust and water. 

Aspects of safety belt testing. 

There are three major aspects that make safety belt testing services. We make sure that each of these aspects is accomplished with diverse tests. 

Performance:  This aspect characterizes the performance of the seat belt when brought into use.

What makes the performance strong is the components used in the seat belt which are tested to ensure proper specifications especially the locking of the Seat Belt. 

Strength: Highly-equipped machine applies tension on the stuff of the seat belt to measure the strength of the belt.

This is a significant factor because it determines the action of the seat belt under strenuous force. 

Durability:  Durability means the seat belt should stay apt during normal use throughout the life of the product. However, this is tested through various machines and for a long time for a better result. 

Types of tests included in the process

Our highly knowledgeable and experienced team perform various tests within the seat belt test to provide the best information about the quality of the product. So, some of the tests included in the series are: 

Buckle durability test: This test is taken to understand the working of the buckle of the best by applying lateral and positive pressure on the item. 

 Acceleration sledge test: This test is performed with high dynamic, test frequency, and reproducibility.

Acceleration test is one of the best tests to be performed to check the safety component of the vehicle. 

Environmental retractor test: This helps in analyzing the life of the seat belt under different environmental conditions.

For this, the product is tested under different temperatures and humidity levels.

At Sigma, we welcome our customers with different testing services which we accommodate with diverse scenarios with ease.

Moreover, we understand that a Seat belt, or safety belt, is one of the most significant and effective safety strategies that ensure survival for the passengers.

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