Electronics/Electrical Testing

Electronics/Electrical Testing

Electronic products need to be checked for safety-related issues such as overheating, electrical shock, vibrations and explosion.

At Sigma, we offer testing solutions which are fast & efficient. Inspection and certification services for electronic products are conducted in our state-of-the-art laboratory.

Ranging from household appliances, IT equipments to electronic toys, amusement and gaming machines, we provide quality testing solutions for all variety of electronic and electrical products. We check products for their safety, quality and performance standards.

The major categories under electronics and electrical products that are tested in Sigma Test & Research Centre include:

  • Household Electrical appliances- Safety of household appliances such as refrigerator, cooking & laundry appliances, vacuum cleaners, hair dryer, etc is important. Sigma is a reliable place where you can get a complete range of testing services to meet regulatory and technical requirements across the globe. Appliances are tested for their energy consumption, efficiency, class labelling and electrical safety.
  • RoHS Test- Sigma has an experienced team of experts in performing RoHS2 compliance testing. We use spectroscopy and wet chemistry methods for determining concentration of hazardous substances in Raw materials of Final products.
  • Ingress protection- Ingress is defined as a product’s resistance to water, dust and foreign objects. Ingress protection testing helps in determining the susceptibility of a product to solid particles (sand or dust), water ingress and ingress to other foreign objects. Most commonly tested products include medical devices, light fixtures & sealed items.
  • Audio Video Electronic Products- Sigma labs test projectors, portable speakers for power interface, electric shock hazards, insulation test, vibration testing and many more.
  • IT equipments- We test for a wide variety of IT equipments such as desktops, scanners, printers, UPS, servers, plotters, projectors, etc. In a corporate set-up, the quality of IT equipments directly influences the performance of the workforce in an organization and the safety of the staff.
  • Electronic toys testing- Electronic toys when used improperly or designed badly can turn fun into a serious hazard. Addition of electricity, battery or main supply pose a number of threats to children such as electric shock and burns in case of products having a heating element.

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