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A major part of the automobiles is made up of steel, iron or aluminium and so is prone to corrosion by moisture, humidity, mist, water vapors or water. We conduct salt spray test in our laboratories to determine the strength & sturdiness of the anti-corrosive film that is applied over the metallic parts of the vehicle.

Why test for corrosion resistance?

  • 1. To determine the corrosion resistance of the finished product metal

  • 2. To measure corrosive inclination on scratching of the metal surface

  • 3. To detect deformation due to corrosion and the adhesion of coating

  • 4. Evaluate corrosion resistance in humid environment (temperature, salt fog , moisture)

Salt spray test procedure is conducted in a salt spray room or cabinet, which have both temperature and humidity regulators. Salt spray test standards are designed in a way to examine the deterioration level of the material under consideration.

This test helps find out how much resilient the material is when it comes in contact with salt. Through this accelerated corrosion test, we examine the versatility of the test sample in presence of salt.

We conduct Salt spray testing in our labs to ensure that the metal coating on your automotive is designed as per the guidelines laid by the regulatory bodies and safety standards.