Introducing Vibhusha Sharma, a Gem of Our Company



Introducing Vibhusha Sharma, a Gem of Our Company

Vibhusha Sharma


We’d like to introduce Vibhusha, a gem of our employee army. She is a vital part of our customer support team who joined us as a young graduate and has grown into a skilled professional individual.

She says, “Sigma has given me a lot in life. I have learned a lot about different management styles and strategies to facilitate cooperation. I have improved my self-confidence and self-esteem.

From stronger decision making to better communication, from convincing skills to independence, I have learnt a lot.”

She also shared with us that she found her life-partner at an Art of Living class that she went through Sigma.

Vibhusha says Rahul sir has been her mentor throughout and even helped her pursue her Master’s degree.

He taught her professionalism, helped her settle in and supported her in every aspect.

Not only has he been a mentor, but also an advisor and guided her throughout. Her co-workers have been great to her and taught her things on-job.

Vibhusha told us she receives client calls all day long and even after office hours but yet she manages to maintain a great work-life balance.

In her words, “I have learned how to change the situation and not the person and this has helped me professionally as well as personally.

Starting her typical day with replying to emails, Vibusha puts in a lot of hard work to meet her goals and give the company her best.

We asked her who inspires her the most in life and she undoubtedly said her parents.

She looks up to them as they have brought her with a lot of patience and trust. They gave her independence and have always motivated her to keep going.

We had a long conversation about her pet. She has a cat who she cuddles with and spends time.

She has brought her up like her own kid and told us that her cat watches cartoons.

Upon being asked what she loves the most at Sigma, she said she loves how there is no pressure.

She loves that Sigma gives her the freedom and independence to take decisions.

In her free time, she surfs for recipes and loves to cook. She loves experimenting with multiple dishes and cooks various things.

On a usual day, you would be seeing her taking calls diligently and driving growth for us.

She says she is thankful to Sigma for a lot and we definitely can’t miss the chance to appreciate her.

Thank you Vibhusha for being with us, we’re lucky to have you.

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