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Let Us Introduce Ashok Sharma, A Saviour of Our Food and Water Department


Ashok Sharma


Let us introduce Ashok Sharma, a saviour of our food and water department. Having had years of experience in the analysis field, he is great at what he does.

He starts his usual day by checking the samples to be tested for the day and assigning work ensuring everyone has a smooth workday.

Being the curious person he is, he keeps reading more and more. He keeps updating himself with all new things in his field. He told us how he keeps refreshing his skills for testing and instrumentation. All praises about the work environment at Sigma, Ashok Sharma says he loves it here. He also mentioned that Rahul sir keeps appreciating and acknowledging his efforts which is a great motivation to work. Even during the lockdown, he received a lot of support to be able to give his work properly.

He also believes that putting your best in every step of your work process is very important, otherwise one cannot expect 100% output and results.

On being asked about his fondest memory, he says, “I received the award for Best Mentor here at Sigma and I cherish that a lot.” He also showed us the picture of his award and had a huge smile for the same. In his free time, Ashok loves being with his kids and helping them out. He also enjoys music and hymns.

We asked him to express his views on issues being faced by society and the one he thinks is very pressing. He mentioned, “Each and every issue that India is dealing with is huge and important. We cannot choose any as it won’t be fair to the other. I feel India needs a lot of growth education-wise. I think a lot of things in India will become right if this is well dealt with.”

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