Go Local while Procuring Material for Construction


Go Local while Procuring Material for Construction

Go Local While Procuring Material for Construction


The advantages of procuring local material for Construction

  • Good for the environment – Outsourced construction materials have to be transported from their production site to the construction site. Depending upon the size and shape of the materials, the transporting vehicle varies, heavy vehicles emit more CO2 emissions and other harmful gases. The distance between the two sites, that is, the distance traversed by the transport vehicle also impacts the environment.


  • Efficient with re-use – Before the construction starts, the respective site has to be cleared, it already has a lot of debris of variable sizes. These materials can actually be used depending upon the type of structures being made. For instance, if the construction site has been cleared off of hard materials, it can be used to make a platform or fill certain gaps. And the leftover materials even after the reuse can be sent to the local plants for recycling.


  • Local labour – Even though outsourced labour means high-end professionals, but it is expensive too. When locally procured materials are being used, the local labour is more accustomed to its usage, advantages, and disadvantages, and how it reacts to the local weather conditions. With local labour employment, the local and informal economy is also facilitated.


  • Construction cost – With so many smart techniques at work with locally procured materials, the budget of the overall project comes down. When compared with outsourced materials, the local procurement of construction materials cuts down on the transportation costs, reduces the risk of damage (with on-time delivery of the materials), and adds to the local economy. Everybody gets to enjoy a win-win situation for everyone.



To successfully complete a construction project with locally procured materials is to be smart and efficient with it. Often, the storage could be a problem, this can be substituted with on-time deliveries. Employing local labour and local techniques will not only yield good results but it will also be a bonus for the budget right from reduced expenses of the transportation to a cost-effective approach from reusing the site materials. And remember, the eco-friendly aspect, the pressure on the earth is immense and it falls down upon us, the humans, to either get smart with our choices or to be doomed. We have to employ sustainable techniques and eco-friendly procedures to upturn the environmental deterioration we have contributed to. And a major change could be brought with locally procured materials.

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