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Automotive Headlamps and Luminaire Testing :

Automotive lighting of vehicles enable drivers to watch the road at night and give indications to pedestrians and fellow drivers in their vicinity about their speed, size and direction. For safety concerns it is quintessential to ensure that they operate properly. We offer comprehensive and reliable tests for head lamps, tail lamps, turn signals, reflectors, centre high mount stop lights, warning lights and interior lights in order to ensure their effective functioning and adherence to industry standards.

Automotive Headlamps and Luminaire Testing

Gloss Value test :

The bodies of vehicles are prone to damages like scratches, abrasions and paint chipping during their day to day operational life. This phenomenon causes the lustre and gloss of the paint coating on the outer body of the vehicle to get damaged. Gloss-less paints hamper the look of the exterior body of a vehicle. The gloss value of the paint applied on a vehicle can be measured by theamountof light reflected back when it is directed towards the part in a particular angle.We in our state of the art laboratory offer testing services to determine the gloss value of the paint coating applied over the components of vehicles.

Gloss Value Test

Vibration Testing :

Vehicles require vibration testing for ensuring safety on roads and a longer, hassle free operational life. Our sophisticated and highly efficient vibration testing system is equipped to undertake vibration testing of new age electric and hybrid vehicles. In this test the vehicles are subjected to various low and high frequency vibrations, which ascertains the level to which it can endure extreme environmental conditions which any damage or component failure.

Vibration Testing

Ball Drop Test :

A considerably large part of a vehicle is made up of glass, which intrinsically is vulnerable to environmental threats like rocks, pebbles and other heavy objects. For accident prone vehicles it is essential to ensure that the glass being used in the windshields and windows are sturdy and durable, therefore laminated safety glasses are used. Further to verify if the safety glass are fit for the purpose they are being used, a ball drop test are done on them. We prove sophisticated facility for ball dropping tests on glasses for vehicle manufacturers. The impact on the laminated glass from ball drop test determines if the glass is of appropriate thickness, if the interlayer used is useful and what all weight and sized of foreign objects applied at what force it can sustain without damage.

Ball Drop Testing

Battery Testing :

Battery is as important in functioning of a vehicle, as heart is to any living creature. Battery provides power to all electrical components of a vehicle like heart pumps blood to the body. Ascertaining the life expectancy, condition and state of operation of the battery is essential to determine the well-being of the vehicle. We provide all types of battery testing facilities which will not only help determine the life span of the vehicle but also help in prolonging and improving its condition. Our tests also verify that the battery used by car manufacturers adhere to industrial norms and safety standards.


Dust-Settling Method :

The atmosphere contains fine solid particles commonly referred to as dust or sand which, when comes in contact with vehicles tend to cause problems with moving parts and absorbs water vapours. Contact with dust is inevitable for vehicles, hence it becomes immensely important to subject components of automotive to such particles and test their resistance power against such situations. We offer highly reliable ingress protection tests through dust settling method which ensures your vehicle is ready to bear dust filled environment.

Dust-Settling method

Noise Measurements :

Over years the number of vehicles on road have been increasing exponentially, so is the level of noise pollution. Vehicles cause noise pollution in numerous ways, through the exhaust systems, engines, horns, brakes and sound systems. Keeping a check on the volume of the noise produced becomes essential and ensuring that they conform to regulatory standards. We offer all the tests which are designed to measure your vehicle’s noise emissions and ensure that it is in line with the required safety standards.

NoiseMeasurements Testing

UV light Exposure :

Rapid reduction in the level of stratospheric ozone has paved way for increased ultra violet radiations. These radiations are not only causing damage to the environment and their beings but to electronically operated devices as well. Automobiles routinely encounter these radiations because of which their components face deterioration. The major part of the vehicles which come in direct contact with sunlight and hence the ultra violet rays, is its outer body that is primarily made up of metals and alloys. UV rays impair the protective film coated over the metallic components and fades their colour coat which exposes the bare metal to the wrath of sunlight and UV radiations. In our sophisticated facility we offer testing and analysis services in which we examine the protective films in an environment in which we simulate UV radiations and measure their ability to endure such situation without incurring any substantial damage.

UV light Exposure Test

Warpage Test Plastics :

Vehicle parts comprises of metals, glass, rubbers and plastics. Plastic parts hence are a significant component in vehicle parts, they are used to make the decorative panel look better and add to the overall value of the vehicles. During manufacturing of plastic parts it is essential for their manufacturers to ensure that there are no defects. However a common defect which is often witnessed in its manufacturing process are warps. Warps are defects that arise after plastics are ejected from their moulds. We have sophisticated testing facility in which vehicle’s plastic components are examined for warps and other defects. We help manufacturers ensure that their products conform the standards required by the regulatory authorities.

Warpage Test Plastics