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Durability Testing :

Vehicles on roads are vulnerable to encounter numerous forces and motions which can potentially damage their functioning or reduce their lifespan. Irrespective of their size, vehicles must undergo durability tests to ensure that they are able to sustain themselves in such situations. We offer elaborative durability tests covering all aspects to determine their sturdiness and life expectancy. Our wide ranging mechanical and electrical tests plausibly ameliorates the quality of automotive components and finished products. We help build remarkably reliable, heavy duty and staunch vehicles with immense strength to withstand all real life on road hazards and mishaps.

Durability Testing

Rain Simulation / submersion :

Extreme weather conditions like extreme heat, cold or rains has adverse impacts on vehicles. Rains especially can damage vehicles in multiple ways. Season’s first rains, commonly called acid rains, contain pollutants and metallic elements which has serious consequences on the vehicle paint coat. Rains have ways to vandalize thermal comfort within a vehicle, when it penetrates the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. Driving experience can be further be perturbed in rainy season while driving through puddles. Vehicles having air inlets down below at the front of the vehicle run the risk of water suction through those inlets. Therefore it becomes important to get vehicles ready for rains. We offer testing of vehicles by subjecting them to rain simulations which help improve their resistance to hurdles created by rains.

Rain Simulation  submersion Test

Tensile strength :

Tensile strength of a product is the maximum stress or force it can endure before it reaches its breaking point. For vehicle manufacturers it is essential to know how sturdy their products actually are before they pass on the product to the consumers. The body of a car is mostly made up of metal, plastic and glass, which are subjected to all sorts of weights, forces and stresses to measure their endurance capacity. Vehicles require to have considerable tensile strengths so that they can sustain themselves in case of collisions and accidents. We have facilities to provide highly reliable tensile strength test for each and every component of vehicles and make sure they conform to safety and industry standards.

Tensile strength Test

Dew Formation Test :

Automobiles have to operate in all kinds of weather conditions and therefore they have to be equipped to function in all such circumstances. Humid weather is one of the conditions which can causes failure in electronic devices. When there is high humidity in the weather, dew formation is a common phenomenon which is evident. Water vapours when come in contact with a cold object they convert into liquid droplets, called dews. These liquid droplets when formed over vehicle components can hamper their functioning. In our laboratory facility we test those vehicle components which are susceptible to failure when they come in contact with dew. We examine and determine the degree to which they can endure water in that form and function without problems

Dew Formation Test

Endurance Test :

Automobiles have to function in extreme climatic conditions, battling numerous for foreign substances like dew, sand, mist, UV rays and others without breaking down. Therefore vehicle components must be equipped to endure their effects and operate with optimum efficiency. We, in our sophisticated laboratory facility, provide accurate testing services to examine the degree to which automobile components can sustain the impact of these substances and climatic conditions. This activity ensures vehicles owners about the quality of products being utilised in manufacturing the vehicle. Good quality components are sturdy and staunch which enable them to protect themselves from environmental and other kinds of damage.

Endurance Test

Impact Test :

Vehicles at all times face latent dangers collisions, accidents and crashes which could lead to fatality of the persons sitting inside. For vehicle manufacturers it is quintessential to ensure that the components of the vehicle exhibit minimum damage when they encounter such accidents. For that we have testing facility which offers tests to ensure strength and the durability of the components in case vehicles bump into any object.This tests helps vehicle manufacturers to conform to safety standards prescribed by the regulatory bodies. The extent to which the vehicle components can absorb shock inflicted by the collision determines the degree to which they can provide safety to the passengers.

Impact Test

High Temperature Test :

Automobile components must be sturdy enough to endure extreme temperatures at all times. For vehicle manufacturers it becomes essential to make sure that their parts are equipped to bear difficult conditions. We have testing facility which offers highly accurate testing services by simulating an environment in which high temperatures are maintained and vehicles components are subjected to that. This tests helps to determine the maximum temperature automobile parts can endure and period of time for which they can bear the temperatures. This test performed is done on the components which are not in operation or are not switched on, therefore the temperatures to which they are subjected are higher as operational parts naturally heat up as they function.

High temperature shelf test

Humidity Resistance Test :

Automobiles often have to encounter high temperature and humid weather conditions which has severe consequences on its body, components and protective layers. We offer testing facilities which provide simulated corrosive environment to measure the degree of resistance power a vehicle possess. For humidity resistance test vehicles and their components are exposed to heat and humidity in our testing chambers for specific period of time. Then they are evaluated on the basis of the time they sustain themselves without any corrosion or damage and if corroded, then the degree to which the damage has been caused in this activity.

Humidity Resistance Test

High Temperature Operation Test :

Vehicles have to bear heat from the external environment, climatic conditions and the heat generated as they themselves operate. Heat energy in excess hampers the functioning of any device or equipment powered by electrical energy and therefore it hinders the performance of the vehicles as well. To test the vehicle components as they operate, for the amount of heat energy they can undertake without breaking down or facing any damage, we have adequate facility in our laboratory setup. We provide highly reliable tests which accurately determine vehicle components performance efficiency in high temperatures during their period of operation.

High Temperature Operation Test